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Sunday, January 23, 2011


I had an amazing opportunity to hang out with one of the girls from the vintage store VIRGO this last week. I love putting outfits together and trying things on, so when I was asked if I wanted to come over to their store to put some outfits together and take some pics, I was really excited to do it. They are located in the fashion district of the Los Angeles area, to be more precise 216-A E. 9th St.  I first heard about them when I was going to fashion school at FIDM.  I used to walk the fashion district for fabrics and inspirations all the time and their store always called my attention. I love their concept which is retro-vintage with a twist. You can find anything from amazing sequence dresses to floral tunics, tons of chic edgy accessories, anything from used and new shoes that goes with this retro lifestyle.  They modify many of their pieces to fit our modern times better. This is an amazing store that is worth checking out.
 HAUTE&REBELLIOUS gives them the approval stamp! if you love vintage this is the store for you and please check them out and let me know what you think. 

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This collection got me with the hats, I absolutely love this collection the theme is amazing and the details and the scenario increases the intensity of this collection.  I love the horse rider feel with drape and volume.  The color  theme is very classic with all the browns, creams and blacks it makes the pieces very elegant. This collection  definitely has a sophisticated western vibe.  The hats are to die for, I love how flat they are,  reminds me of El Zorro
The leather accessories are great the use of the gloves the cuffs, belts and decorative straps are something that we can all add to our wardrobe.
this collection was very refreshing and I think we can all get inspired with the accessories, the color theme and silhouettes for this spring.  Definitely this has been the year of amazing drapes, palazzo pants, long dresses and skirts.
lets rock hats for spring!
be haute, be rebellious 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


My thoughts on this fashion face off:

 Jenny from the block is going for more layers, and I have a feeling she lives in a cold place that rains a lot.  Her style looks junior, casual and earthy.  She is paying more attention to colors and patterns.  She added texture by mixing patterns and layering which is a fun way to spice up an outfit when dressing for cold weather.
My style is a little more mature compare to Jenny but I think it represents my style which is more in the contemporary side.   I love layering as well but because this picture was taken in Palm Springs when the weather wasn’t extremely cold the amount of layers felt appropriate.  The stockings are hot in both there is no discussion about that.  I am paying more attention to showing my figure by adding a belt that adds definition to my waist. I am going for a more clean sophisticated look.  
Overall I feel Jenny and I are targeting different points due to different circumstances.   I believe no matter what your weather is like, and what category you are meaning contemporary or junior you should always be fabulous.  If you decide to be flirty and girlie or sophisticated chic those are two looks I approve.
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Jil Sanders Spring 2011 collection is full of color and volume.  I like the simplicity and elegance this collection reflects.  It is feminine and at the same time it has personality and speaks for its own.   I love the pulled hair  back with the touch of fuchsia lipstick.  I think this is a perfect collection to use for a cruise or some kind of ocean vacation.
Let’s start getting ideas for spring outfits.
Fashionably Yours

Monday, January 3, 2011


Hello my dear fashionistas, I am so happy to share with you guys my best looks of year 2010.
I first started blogging through a network called Chictopia, then after getting such a great response from friends and followers I decided to launch my own Blog HAUTE&REBELLIOUS.
It all started when I was going to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. I was going to school and had an amazing internship with an amazing couture designer.  I also had a lot of extra time.  I was making clothes and shopping the market constantly that;s when I decided I wanted to put my point of view out there for everyone to see.
I graduated and start it working in the fashion industry,  I don’t know how I manage with work and life to launch HAUTE&REBELLIOUS  but I posted my first consistent post on November 26 of 2010 and since then I am feeding this blog almost every day for you guys to see and get inspired.

It has been a pretty exciting ride for H&R, I am still getting used to how fast and demanding a blog can be.  I am definitely learning everyday and improving as I go. I am so thankful for all your support.  I have big plans for this year and hopefully you guys can come with me in this journey. Thank you for all your

Sincerelly and
Fashionably yours
  Maria De La Cruz